The First Eye Hospital In KARNATAKA To Get ISO 9001:2008 Certification By BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (B.I.S)

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Available Instruments in the Department:

Apart from the equipments available for routine evaluation of glaucoma (Applanation tonometer, 3 and 4 mirror gonioscopes, 90 D stereoscopic evaluation of the disc), other specialized equipments include :

    Perkins handheld Applanation tonometer
    Koeppe direct gonioscopes (for pediatric angle assessment)
    Humphrey visual field analyzer
    Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
    Anterior Segment OCT
    Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM)
    Fundus photography unit (for stereoscopic disc photography) 

Outpatient activities:
    Routine screening for glaucoma patients (Applanation tonometry, gonioscopic angle evaluation, optic disc evaluation with 90 D)
    Visual field analysis
    Gonioscopic and Disc photography – wherever necessary
    Management of common and rare glaucoma entities including pediatric glaucomas
    Cross consultations from other departments include complicated and post surgical glaucomas (such as post penetrating     keratoplasty, post vitreo-retinal surgeries, post uveitic, post traumatic) and their management.

Minor OPD procedures:
    Nd: YAG peripheral Iridotomy
    Argon Laser Suturelysis
    Postoperative 5-Flurouracil injections

Inpatient procedures:

    External trabeculotomy and/or trabeculectomy for congenital glaucomas
    Combined cataract and glaucoma filtering surgery including phacoemulsification
    Trabeculectomy with use of antimetabolites
    Filtering surgeries with vitreoretinal surgeries (along with the retinal surgeons)
    Filtering surgeries with cornea surgeries
    Aqueous drainage (Ahmed Glaucoma Valve) implant
    Surgery for complications following filtering procedures include
    AC reformation + choroidal drainage
    Needling of blebs
    Revision of blebs
    Management of over filtering and leaking blebs
    Cataract surgery (ECCE or Phacoemulsification) in post filter situations

    Evaluation under anaesthesia for pediatric glaucomas
     Diode cyclophotocoagulation

Educational and Research activities:
    Conducting CMEs
    Antiglaucoma drug trials

Fully equipped Glaucoma Clinic offers wide range of Diagnostic and Therapeutic modalities for Glaucoma.
The services offered include :

  • Accurate Tonometry instrumentation like Goldman Applanation Tonometer, perkins tonometer, i. care No Anaestasia Tonometer and Non Contact Tonometer. -   To measure the Intraocular pressure.
  • Gonioscopy
  • Humphrey Perimeter for visual field examination
  • Topcon fondues  Photography for optic  disc  documentation  by  color and Red free photographs.
  • Optic  disc  imaging  and  Retinal  nerve  fiber  layer analysis by  optical  coherence tomography (OCT).
  • Nd-Yag Laser facility for Yag Laser Iridotomy.
  • Glaucoma Surgeries like Trabeculectomy and combined procedure of Cataract Surgery and Trabeculectomy.
  • Cyclo destructive  procedures   like   Cyclocryopexy   and   Trans   scleral   cyclo   photo coagulation.